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Tag ‘Em All by Dispyz

tag-em-all-mLive set + ep + bonus features from one of my favorite chip acts. From the website:

LIVE FROM HOLLYWOOD: CIRCLE JERK GALORE! …erm, wait! I mean Dispyz galore! Ahem, recorded back in September, we revisit a night of lulz, hangovers, the strange people of Hollywood, that crappy salon turned to night club/bar, and a night of a few regrets and disappointment all thx to the “FUCKING MANAGER!”. Thanks go out to 8bitweapon & Computeher, lovely people. Extra special thanks goes out to none other than Starpause himself, clothed I may add, who was kind enough to record the Dispyz set! This Mezcal is for you, man! Bottoms up! Anyway, onto the circle jerk… I mean show!

19 comments to Tag ‘Em All by Dispyz

  • Dispyz, chip does not make ;)

  • George Lifestyles

    “Dispyz, chip does not make ;)”

    That is probably a good thing, for dispyz’s sake.

  • Dawww

    Wait, what does “chip does not make” even mean? hahah. That’s not even proper English. Is Akira trying to define what is chip and what isn’t? Is what I take from that. Correct me if I’m wrong, but who made Akira a music genre dictionary? I wasn’t even invited to the crowning and buffet, daw. ;[

  • George Lifestyles

    “From the website”

    What’s the website and why isn’t it mentioned?

  • George Lifestyles

    Great informational resource here, this site. Thanks!

  • Dahgrow

    …from TREBLE DEATH SYSTEM. Seriously people, give some credit where credit is due. We’re not evil.

    • Ok listen, I appreciate the hard work you guys do as a netlabel promoting your artists, but I am more concerned about promoting this individual release. How does giving me all this grief help this artist or you future artists on your roster? Why would I want to cover any of your artists if I can anticipate such griefing every time I give you a link back?

      So yes lets do some news. TREBLE DEATH SYSTEMS acts more concerned about their rep than the exposure of their artists.

      Now that doesn’t seem fair does it? Because its the impression you are giving me and my readers.

  • Damn, that was a big load of kiddy drama shit up there!

    Let’s see, seems like I should have elaborated to avoid retarded assumptions: certainly I wouldn’t define Dispyz, work as “chipmusic” or “chiptune”. Last I read, he didn’t EITHER.

    That doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be mentioned in this blog, which he IS. I just had a problem with him being pigeonholed in the definition of “chiptune”, THINKING THAT HE GOES FURTHER AWAY FROM THAT.

    If any of these comments came from Dispyz himself, I’m sorry man, that’s very, very sad. Specially the part where you criticize my english (I am not a native english speaker). Very poor, and certainly negative to your exposure as an artist. LIke all the comments below it.

    Go grow up some years please.

  • Hey this is good music! I also like the bonus tracks and pics and movie. Nice touch.

  • Why don’t you click on the link and find out? sheesh.

  • Mono

    HAHAHA! I love you guys<3 :)

    On another note: I would just like to add, by being featured on this site, doesn’t automatically dub you a “chiptune” artist of the sort, Mr. Akira. Just that it’s related to it, is from what I take.

    Regardless, who cares.


    Oh, did you guys switch layout? I could have sworn it was different a bit back… meh. Anywaaaaaaaaaayyy pew pew pew.

  • “one of” your favorite acts? Why not your ONE & ONLY favorite act, Peter?

  • And all the pictures were indeed a nice touch.

  • Hello, whoever you are.
    It doesn’t hurt to read, does it? Specially in logical sequence.
    Article says: “one of my favorite chip acts”
    Read that, then my comment, then my explanation for puerile individuals who just have a lot of angst.

    Do you get it now?

  • Nah, you’re assuming. I read, I’m simply stating that the word “chip act”, isn’t necessarily incorrect. Though, I’m sure dispyz thanks you for it? As he doesn’t really label himself purely with any particular genre…. BUT, to get back to my original point of all this mindless madness… case in point: he’s got a vinyl in the works, which will feature “Raver Blood”, which is heavily chip based. I believe he will be including “We Came To Overtake!!!!” as well, which again, is heavily chip influenced. Thus, “chip act” is not too far off of a term to dub the project. As chip sounding music has always been apart of the Dispyz project. Hence the: “one of my favorite chip acts.”

    Also, as you’ve made it “quite clear” of my existence, I’m not sure if you’re aware, but I’ve read post from you here and there… particularly back at the Game Boy Collective, and I can’t say you’re one to talk and hold yourself high and above these “angst-y” characters. As you deal it quite a bit yourself… as I’ve seen. 2cents.

  • O-o11

    I like the release and I wanted to ask why its “From the website”?
    Is there any problem with the netlabel where it is released from?
    If not, why are other releases like the Cornbeast – Chip Hero (which is awesome too) from “8BP” and not from “Some website”?
    I dont want to piss someone off, but Im just curious.
    Have a great weekend :D

  • I think it’s pretty common for blog language to be pretty causal. A link back to the source of a story or item is generally seen as good blog “etiquette,” and the phrasing used is often a sort of shorthand (plenty of blogs provide source link using just the hyperlinked word “Source” or phrase “Source here,” etc.). This instance doesn’t strike me as anything more insidious than that. If the intent was to exclude or defame, would Peter be mentioning the release at all? In supportive / favorable terms, no less?

  • George Lifestyles

    This is all very hilarious.

    I see both points here and I have no idea what happened in the past but I will say that personally my gripe with blogs is the lack of accountability (not in this case), or the loose standards when acting as a resource. I think credit should be given where it’s due and its seems to me that this dispyz character did indeed start as “chip” music and evolved from there. If he’s still working hard with the amiga and has been for 14 years with almost zero exposure, a sound change and an awesome catalog to boot, one can only assume that there has been some bad blood within the scene. It seems drama follows him because people are so passionate about his material, which again, is something I think is missing from chip music. Once again I have no idea what happened in the past but I would like to hear his opinion at this point.

    Having said that I love this site and want to see more releases being featured! Akira, I am speaking for myself when I say that I am not dispyz, but sometimes I wish I was just to have a fraction of the amount of pixelated pussy he probably gets.

    Keep ’em coming! Great stuff! True chip till death!