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Final Cartridge: Final Area BGM

Tiny Catridge is quickly becoming my favorite non chipmusic chip blog. They found a series of tracks from ultra talented musican Bucky.

from Tiny Cartidge:

“Final Area BGM” from the Exorcist NES game that never was. The brilliant concept behind this song is that it’s for a never-created game based on the 1973 horror film.

Chiptune artist Bucky sets the scene:

“You’ve reached the final stretch and it’s up to you to free Regan from Satan. Just be sure to open that bottle of ‘No Ghost’ BEFORE you open that door in the hallway…”

Im personally digging the Wicker Man one. Maybe some Werner Herzong next?

4 comments to Final Cartridge: Final Area BGM

  • Ethan (the other one)

    They have a link to a post about how video games essentially channel nostalgia. The original article is here. This is actually something I’ve been thinking about for a while — it’s pretty fascinating the different flavors of the “video gamer” scene versus the “chiptune” scene. The video game scene tends (off-the-cuff pulled-out-of-my-ass bullshit example) towards trying to “legitimize” video games and their music through bands like The Advantage and NESkimos who cover video game music. Whereas the chiptune scene tends towards original compositions, or covers of pop-culture music. Strangely I think there’s very little overlap between the two groups. One day I’m going to ask Peter if I can write a guest post about it, but I don’t yet know what the guest post is going to say.


  • TristEndo

    great squaresoft bass action. :)

  • TristEndo

    doh’ i mean sunsoft xD