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Odds and Ends from Twitter 2009-08-08

  • 11hz Robot Video #
  • MAGFest Registration now open #
  • Stylish and Functional DMG Cases #
  • Intial site redesign is Live. Will be tweaking all weekend! #
  • I haz the 8BP100. Your knees will melt. #
  • China Pirates getting a piece of the usb gb flashcart pie? #
  • Noice Polish Chips #
  • Prevent Famitracker Pitchyness with this handy table from Bucky #
  • this is the first time i've heard it referred as gamewave #
  • Piggy Speakers for Piggy Tracking #
  • This is semi-relevent for chiptune performances as well: #
  • KeygenMusic July Update #
  • RT: @TheTankNYC: The Tank is looking for a handful of people who could Dungeon Master a bunch of n00bs in a D&D event. Free beer if you can! #
  • RT: @glomag: glomag remote dinner DJ set from Linda's kitchen in Amsterdam begins! ? #
  • OP-1 Teases with great skill. #
  • Shots of the funky Blip Europe Stage #
  • Animal Styles Rentals Cover, proves Matt Sharp is the best part of any weezers record. #
  • Hive Mind: Looking for a form up datable, moderated events calender that has support for ICS . Any suggestions? #
  • Interview with KIND OF BLOOP producer Andy Baio #
  • BBC Micro Tracker in the works? #
  • Please buy me these arcade glitch boot screens. Thanks! #
  • Boring Old Hippies think the Gooch are hot stuff: #
  • RT: @daheardit: All Da ! Heard It Records Video's (ben et béné, sidabitball, xerak, etc) here : #
  • RT: @daheardit: A little review about Tom Woxom release in Lotek 64 (page 28). : #
  • Watch out: Rushjet1 has all your GameBoy #
  • Great Mention of TCTD's FMA Posts on the WFMU BLOG. Thanks Jason! #
  • Awesome Classic soundtracks in mp3 format #
  • True Chip Till Pig #
  • Hot Led Pixels #
  • TCTD is tapped to blah blah about the US chip scene. Illusions shattered, agendas promoted: #
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Odds and Ends from Twitter 2009-07-17

  • RT: @nocarrier: Getting back into PCE coding (again). Hopefully soon I'll have a demo or something to show! #
  • RT: @4mat_scenemusic: Been asked to do a 64kb intro soundtrack with some scratching in, watching for ideas. Impressive. #
  • RT: @bleepstreet: JDDJ3J Live @ Lieu Unique, Nantes : INTERVIEW + LIVE SUR TÉLÉNANT #
  • Another friend of TCTD #
  • Da Chip! Daft Punk Tribute Out! #
  • Goto80 remixes the astounding
  • And something commercial to buy: #
  • The sounds of SoundBytes 4 #
  • Reverse Engineering Game Glitches #
  • TCTD For you Tokyo Drifters: #
  • Chiptune Via Outsiders Part XX #
  • Auntie Pixelante & Gallerynes sighting. #
  • Rad History of Gaming via @kotaku #
  • RT @4mat_scenemusic While clearing my hd found some unreleased Vic-20 screens. Not tested on hardware (sorry), one has a new chip song in: #
  • VORC Records interview #
  • The King Of Mega Man: Rushjet1 #
  • Another Outsider Roundup #
  • Savage UK Hipsters draw a line in the sand against stelth ardcore revivalism #
  • RT @cogthrob done burning 20 copies of 20k9d. hand cut & lettered. yellow=swimsuits, pink=lingerie. 6$ @8static #
  • Fantastic No Carrier Interview. Perhaps the best Chip Music definition to date? #
  • Bucky interviews chipmusic veteran Alberto Gonzales #
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Final Cartridge: Final Area BGM

Tiny Catridge is quickly becoming my favorite non chipmusic chip blog. They found a series of tracks from ultra talented musican Bucky.

from Tiny Cartidge:

“Final Area BGM” from the Exorcist NES game that never was. The brilliant concept behind this song is that it’s for a never-created game based on the 1973 horror film.

Chiptune artist Bucky sets the scene:

“You’ve reached the final stretch and it’s up to you to free Regan from Satan. Just be sure to open that bottle of ‘No Ghost’ BEFORE you open that door in the hallway…”

Im personally digging the Wicker Man one. Maybe some Werner Herzong next?