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Chipflip on Other uses of Computer Hardware

Not being a huge Queen fan, i’ve avoided posting this:

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But leave it to goto80 to make the subject fresh with this excellent post on chipflip.

An excerpt:

I just found a version of Bohemian Rhapsody performed by an Atari800XL, 8? floppy drive, TI 99/4a, 3.5? floppy drive and four HP ScanJets. It’s apparently the hottest youtube-clip in Canada right now, yip yip! The same author also has Funkytown performed by C64/modem/printer and TI99/4a. Mentioned as his inspiration is James Houston’s Big Ideas (Don’t Get Any) which had a slow start of its Internet career, but has received lots of internet attention by now. It’s James’ final project for design school, so the visual aspect is also well worked through. A very special clip. It’s a ZX Spectrum with scanners, harddrives, and printers that performs a Radiohead-cover. James “placed them in a situation where they’re trying their best to do something that they’re not exactly designed to do, and not quite getting there”.

Fun reading! Rock the Matrix!

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