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Quick Bits

Glomag has covered the title track of a new New Order Tribute Comp “Ceremony”. Stream it on

Stevens has a new Podcast on Tiga’s label.

Ahead of my release for Tiga’s label Turbo Recordings
and also that of my remix for him, I was asked to do a podcast
selecting some of my own tracks. I’m not just posting this here in the
slight possibility people are interested – I also play two of my
favourite pieces of video game music, namely ‘Hydrocity Zone 2’ from
Sonic 2 and ‘Inside the Deku Tree’ from Zelda OoT.

What the fuck is this??

2 comments to Quick Bits

  • Baw, Glomag always covers the songs of New Order/Joy Division I would like to. I’m always one step behind him (of course). I am going to make a piggy version of Ceremony for my gig :P

  • Hexagram

    I suspect knowing/understanding all the in-jokes for the Meth Minute would rob it of its wonder.