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Reformat the Planet 1.5 This Weekend!

This weekend you can catch a sneak screening of Reformat the Planet doc at the new Philly monthly chip event 8static. This is the version that will be released on DVD this summer, with updated interviews and extra features, so check it out so you can be an elite choon insider. On top of that, an increasingly rare Alex Mauer live performance!

REFORMAT THE PLANET 1.5 makes its official premier at 8static on May 9th!

“Reformat the Planet 1.5? explores the last two years of chipmusic in New York, exposing fans of the original Reformat the Planet documentary to the intensity that was Blip Festival 2007 and 2008. This new documentary piece shines a spotlight on the ever-crowding Pulsewaves, the growth of the chip music scene in Philadelphia, and the arrival of the next generation of chip musicians to the 8bit scene.

Above is a short clip featuring Blip Festival 2007 and the new monthly chipmusic show 8static…

The complete RTP 1.5 piece will appear on the Reformat the Planet dvd scheduled to be released this summer.

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