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  • Even though I agree wholeheartedly with the creator of this video, I got to admit it sounds like he has commited a few errors on his experiment that lead to an exaggeration of his point.

    On most of these tunes I could hear missing stuff. I think this comes from choosing the wrong type of SID chip on the SIDPlay options, and this really makes them sound real bad. If you play many 8580 tunes on a 6581 they will sound really horrible, or not sound at all, and I think this is what is happening here.

    Besides that, the warmth and depth of the original machine output is undeniably of preference to me. If there’s one thing the software emulator will probably never get right, is analog filter emulation.

    This is a valid point, shame about the execution.
    But I thought everybody knew that nothing beats the real thing?

  • I may be wrong but it also may be that he’s using an OLD version of SIDPlay.
    I’d like to know what tunes he is playing, specially the first two. Afte rthat they play Golden Axe, on which I cannot really nail any difference

  • µB

    What? Emulation not as accurate as the original? Gasp! Shock!

  • sometimes people need a reminder :D

  • I wish hardsid had better linux support…

  • indeed, but as a general rule software based solutions to homecomputers and old consoles chiptune/vgm compositions suck big time, something to never forget.

    In any case, please take down that video :'( it reminds how much plugins sucks….

  • It would have been a stronger argument if he used some glitchier tracks or ones that relied on the filter more, cause that’s were the real difference is, Like how the filters behavior can change on you sometimes even though your using the same machine but an emulator always emulates the same, at least it’s that way with my 6581, I did a few takes on my last album cause there would be slight differences everytime I played a tune. Not to mention that when I played it on my friends 6581 it would sound about a half semi-tone higher and the filters totally acted different. It’s important that what you compose on with the SID is what you play it on, if you some kind of consistency. That’s just my personal experience, it may be different with other peoples machines, especially the 8580, which I have no experience with.

  • Silreq, if you have a semitone difference, there could be a capacitor issue in the SID circuitry.
    Also, unreliable filters could also mean failing chips. you are SUPPOSED to have the same results on the same machine every time you play, unless you are modifying the code not to.

  • Yeah it’s buggy as hell, if you breath on it wrong it will give you a fucked up blue startup screen, it also will work with a tape drive but not a disk drive, it’s fucked. . .

  • I don’t have hardware. Thanks you guys for reminding me how lame I am.

  • lol. this is the same debate Lukasc and Brecht had in 1938. They were arguing about whether or not it made sense to transmit Bach over AM radio.

    One of the central arguments was that listening to AM radio always meant there would be a specific type of background noise, which they referred to as a Hoerstreife (“hearing streak”).

    So, tech emulator technology has produced lower quality versions, but spread the magic to many more people.