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C64 Jukebox online!

I thought this was a very cool idea which I hope gets bigger! It’s like a last.fm scrobbler for SID music:

There is a new community driven C64 Jukebox on Twitter
Are you curious what other SID fans are listening to right now?
Do you want to play those tunes with one single click?

Follow the C64 Jukebox on Twitter:

Play button clicks on http://www.hardsid.com , ACID64 and the HardSID 4U Winamp plugin are all feeding this jukebox. It sends a .sid file link with each update, so you can play right from Twitter.

Not for HardSID users only – anyone can use it even with emulation

Initial idea: Wilfred Bos, http://www.acid64.com
Final concept/development: http://www.hardsid.com

via C64 .sk.

Check Peter’s post about ACID64, with more info regarding the player, clicking here!

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