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Help Europe in 8 Bits meet their goal

The guys from Europe in 8 Bits, a very promising looking chipmusic documentary centered around the European 8-bit scene, are running a kickstarter-type thing for the final stage of the production of their film.

On the final run now with two days left, they need only 500 euros to meet their goal and set forth to finish up the film for us all to see.

Take a moment to check out their project and contribute if you can!

Here’s a teaser:

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SID Bass: Jeri Ellsworth’s FPGA-based SID keytar

I haven’t heard of Jeri Ellsworth in a while but every time her name pops up around my news feed is because she’s done something awesome.

This time she has made an hybrid bass guitar-SID chip thing, controlled by an FPGA and using a real SID chip to play the sounds (from both the strings and the Commodore keyboard).

Enough blabber, check out an interview and demo on the first part of this video: