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TCTD Podcast #004 – Nagz and friends

David “Nagz” Halmi from Budapest, Hungary was active in the demoscene roughly between 1998 and 2006, releasing music with groups and netlabels such as Anal0gik, Tequila, Language Lab, Monotonik etc. He has very unique and distinct musical style, which is a mixture of jazz, idm, ambient, oldskool chiptune and what have you. This episode focuses on his more chiptune orientated tracks, and features several collaboration tracks he has made together with artists through the years.

Nagz current projects can be found here:

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Download mp3: TCTD Podcast #004


1. Nagz – Daughter of Time
2. Nagz – Flubber’s Trip
3. JosSs & Nagz – Out from here
4. Nagz – Worms in Sineland
5. Nagz – Eastern nature (Used as BGM)
6. Zinger & Nagz – Dr Froleks’ Files
7. JosSs & Nagz – Marketplace Sunset
8. Zalza & Andryk & Nagz – Ordinary Foreign Rabbit Has A Headache
9. Zabutom & Nagz – Cloudcones
10. Nagz – x y z a w oo
11. Drax & Nagz – Rocky North
12. Nagz – Chinqua

All tracks in this episode can be downloaded in original .XM format at

From now on the TCTD Podcast will be updated every other friday. See you in two weeks!

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