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TCTD Podcast #007 - AHX Favorites Pt. 1

Abyss Highest Experience, or AHX for short, is a softsynth Amiga tracker which emulates the C64 sound. This week’s episode gives you a selection of some (of its many) masterpieces.

Click and listen online!

Download mp3: TCTD Podcast 007

1. JazzCat – Toys in the Attic
2. Oxide – Aftermath
3. Gier Tjelta – Blue Mazda 323
4. Flapjack – Sixtus, don’t sing!
5. Pink – kustomnized
6. Pink – Agony End
7. m0d – children of the pie
8. Syphus – Last Tense
9. Mortimer Twang – Amanda
10. Loonie – Bice!
11. Jazz – Fucking the Arp
12. Starbuck – Peaceful Moments
13. Gier Tjelta – A New Beginning

All tunes can be downloaded in original AHX format at

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TCTD Podcast #006 - Russian ZX Spectrum Scene

I asked my friend C-Jeff to select a playlist representing the Russian ZX Spectrum scene, since I myself know very little about it. He gladly accepted, and sent me a zip of 27 tracks by 13 of the most important and noteworthy Russian Speccy composers, about two weeks later. I’ve enjoyed doing this episode very much, since I’ve discovered a lot of awesome music and have gotten a new insight in one part of the chipmusic scene I know very little about.

Since TCTD Podcast have had a break for more than a month, this is a kind of “double episode” trying to cover for it (it’s almost 70 minutes long). Enjoy!

Click and listen online!

Download mp3: TCTD Podcast 006

1. Davos – Cyberspace 4
2. Davos – Battletech, Way of the Clans
3. Andy Fer – Twister’s Dance Machine
4. Andy Fer – Don’t Stop That Dream
5. nq – Hidden Threat in Squeak
6. nq – I’m Scorn Oneself
7. Key-Jee – In A Game Style
8. Key-Jee – Minimal Space
9. Megus – Tryptomine Dream Soundtrack
10. Megus – Just A Tune
11. C-Jeff – Island Reflections
12. C-Jeff – Konami, Part 2
13. Riskej – Der Kleinen Jazz, Das Tote Metal
14. Riskej – Last Drop of Dew
15. Siril – Da Smiling Mouse Is On Your Head
16. Siril – Oxygen
17. Fatal Snipe – Fucking Life
18. Fatal Snipe – 4 Adventurer 13
19. Ironman – Trema
20. Ironman – Nu Loops
21. D-Juice – Internal Ocean
22. D-Juice – Club of Shadow
23. D-Juice – Syringez
24. MmcM – Dip Mistake
25. MmcM – Look in My Eyes
26. Imp – Extacy Megademo Pt. 10
27. Imp – Vibrations Theme 3

All (I think) tunes in this episode can be found in original format (mostly .pt2 and .pt3) at

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TCTD Podcast #005 - Doskpop

“Tracked, cheezy, retro-futuristic synth pop influenced by italo disco” is one possible definition of doskpop, but it’s hard to say what exactly defines the genre. The name was invented by Lizardking, who also crowned himself the “King of Doskpop”. However, he was far from first composing this style of music. It’s arguably as old as Amiga music itself, and has it’s roots in other electronic music, like italo disco as mentioned.

This episode gives you a small representation of some of my favorite doskpop (and similar styles). Enjoy!

Click and listen online!

Download mp3: TCTD Podcast 005

1. Virgill – Interference.modd
2. Alf – Astroflux.mod
3. Misty & Daeron – Iridium.mod
4. Lizardking – Transatlantic.mod
5. Night Beat – Sinescape.mod
6. The Hardliner – Retro Attivo.mod
7. Jester – Stardust Memories.mod
8. Lizardking – Art of Chrome.xm
9. Mantronix & Tip – Voyage-Overload.mod

All tunes in this week’s episode can be downloaded in original .MOD or .XM format at

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TCTD Podcast #004 – Nagz and friends

David “Nagz” Halmi from Budapest, Hungary was active in the demoscene roughly between 1998 and 2006, releasing music with groups and netlabels such as Anal0gik, Tequila, Language Lab, Monotonik etc. He has very unique and distinct musical style, which is a mixture of jazz, idm, ambient, oldskool chiptune and what have you. This episode focuses on his more chiptune orientated tracks, and features several collaboration tracks he has made together with artists through the years.

Nagz current projects can be found here:

Click and listen online!


Download mp3: TCTD Podcast #004


1. Nagz – Daughter of Time
2. Nagz – Flubber’s Trip
3. JosSs & Nagz – Out from here
4. Nagz – Worms in Sineland
5. Nagz – Eastern nature (Used as BGM)
6. Zinger & Nagz – Dr Froleks’ Files
7. JosSs & Nagz – Marketplace Sunset
8. Zalza & Andryk & Nagz – Ordinary Foreign Rabbit Has A Headache
9. Zabutom & Nagz – Cloudcones
10. Nagz – x y z a w oo
11. Drax & Nagz – Rocky North
12. Nagz – Chinqua

All tracks in this episode can be downloaded in original .XM format at

From now on the TCTD Podcast will be updated every other friday. See you in two weeks!

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TCTD Podcast #003 – Reed & Tempest

Reed and Tempest are two of the funkiest chipmusicians around. This week’s episode is dedicated to their music. Finnish, funky Amiga and C64 music at its very best!

Click and listen online!


Download mp3: TCTD Podcast 003


Reed – Jazzberry Juice.mod
Tempest – Mr. Solid.mod
Reed – Urethra Franklin.mod
Reed & Tempest – Hot Buttered.mod
Reed – Boogie Factor Pt.2.sid
Tempest – Acidjazzed Evening.mod
Reed – Saymold, Saymold.sid
Reed – Urea Geller.mod
Tempest – Free Fjortis Facials.mod
Tempest – Zen-bowling.mod

All songs can be found in original .MOD or .SID format at either Modland (.MOD and .SID), AMP or HVSC (SID).