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Duty Cycle Generator Update Jungle Book! Niiju Drum Editor Appeared!

drumeditBehind the scenes of “the Jungle Book”

We’re coming towards the end of my NES music ‘nesography’ and I had a decision to make as to which game to do next. I’ll explain. By the end of 1992, Eurocom had expanded and diversified and we started working on Gameboy, Master System, PC & 3D0. We were approached by Virgin Interactive who had a Jungle Book game in development on Genesis/Megadrive but things weren’t going well and they were looking for an external team to take over the project and get it finished. Not having much to lose and because we saw it as a good opportunity to springboard onto the then new 16-bit platforms (Genesis/Megadrive and SNES – although we didn’t actually do the SNES version of this game) we jumped in with both feet. On the back of successfully finishing the project we had a 16-bit feather in our caps and were able to expand the company and move forward. It was a turning point for Eurocom – a real make-or-break moment.

And the release of NIIJU Drum Editor:

There are two drum sounds, DRUM0 and DRUM1 (just a limitation of the editor, you can have as many as you like inside Nijuu). The screen is split into two tables, the top one is for DRUM0 and the bottom for DRUM1. Going across the tables you have 3 values for Voice A “VA”, 3 values for Voice B “VB”, only one value for Voice C “VC” and two values for Voice D “VD”. Each drum sound lasts for 8 frames, each row of the table represents a frame and goes from top to bottom. At the bottom of the screen is a box that shows you what is currently in the copy buffer and also a message to remind you that you can access the (basic) help screen by pressing A on pad number 2…


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