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March Pulsewave Videos

LxN writes:

Hey Ya’ll! I’ve finally put up the rest (well almost) of the Videos from March’s PulseWave. Nullsleep’s set is in 5 parts, and G&CR’s Live from Hell set is in 4 parts. I meant to do something exciting with them, but it’s been a really rough month and I decided to just put them up. Also have some video of NIN I took at Bonnaroo (I had a pretty good spot), it was their last US show! Anyway, please check out the PulseWave videos, and there will be two more G&CR songs coming later. Hope to make it to July’s PulseWave!

– Links to PulseWave playlists –

Nullsleep: … 6346C37D51

G&CR: … BB2548BBA7

OpenMic: … 4DB84A59C8

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