Night Radio – Back to the Sources

20090701-btts-prg-400x400Night Radio, the creator of SunVox, has created an album showcasing the power of this modualr tracker synth hybrid.

Malobit writes: (Google Translate.)

The general format of the music is difficult to describe in few words – the album came out quite versatile. I think everyone will find something interesting for yourself:) Nevertheless, I tried to sort the tracks in mood and sound: in the early songs were written in a simple (basic), synthesizers, and towards the end – a «serious» and complex to build . All the tracks created in SunVox (who was also the author of I:). SunVox due to its mobility allowed the music absolutely anywhere: sitting at home or in the studio – we use a stationary computer, ride the bus, relax in nature – a smartphone; leave, flying to another country – yuzaem netbuk. Other words: nothing guarantees that your idea anywhere, and never lost. And this album – just to confirm:) Happy listening:) As usual, any comments and suggestions are welcome.


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