New USB Flash Carts for the Game Boy coming?

Jose Torres writes about his upcoming line of software-less gb flash carts.

So, I am working on an upgrade to the USB Gameboy Cartridges and Programmers. I want to go a completely different route and just make them drag and drop and show up as a USB drive.

I am selling the rest of the my stock of gameboy cartridges to raise funds for this project.

There will be 50 cartridges available for $50 starting July 1st.

Programmers will be $40. Non-usb carts are still $30. The programmers will be upgraded to Drag and Drop as well. Same deal on upgrades in the future. $10 for trade-in, good condition.

Current USB cart holders may purchase an additional cart and not worry about losing out on the opportunity to get the upgraded cart. When this time comes you may trade in your cartridge if in like-new condition plus a fee of $10 each.

International customers must pay $12 for insured mail.

Anyone in the US shipping is $5.

Also, many of you might not know that I recently moved to a new office. 8bitcollective has a headquarters, but I am back at school. Funds of this sale will go towards rent and server fees.

As always, you may donate and have that donation credited to your purchase in the future.

Please email Jose.Torres AT 8bc ORG for any questions that you would like to send to me in private.

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5 comments to New USB Flash Carts for the Game Boy coming?

  • When are the cart writers going to support other cartridge formats? I want e-merger support real bad, and I bet others want Bung compatibility and others too. I think this is most important, do not forget legacy users who are left now with useless parallel port “solutions”!

  • I don’t understend if the $50 are drag and drop. So, what’s the metod to put the .gb file into the cartrige memory in the cartridges that you’r selling.


    Naku from Argentina.

  • Naku- Sounds like it would show up like a normal usb flash drive would, so you drag and drop from your os file manager.

  • Also, forgive me if I am totally wrong here, but don’t the .gb and .sav files go into different storage banks on the cart at present? I am curious how drag and drop would work with that unless you get 2 USB storage devices per cart?

  • I’m guessing it would be exactly that, or it would appear to the os as two folders. /SRAM /ROM