Chipsounds from Plogue Preview

A bit hyper overview of this long in the works chip vst workstation. Not much new from earlier news, but its worth keeping an eye on, at least.

For one thing, this isn’t your run of the mill plugin like Magical 8bit Plug or what have you… This shit’s as if the awesome from your childhood was concentrated to a weaponized level. Every emulation I’ve heard is spot-on, and I mean REALLY good! Everything you could hope for and more is within this plug. You’ve got your Atari, all variants of Nintendo’s PAPU’s, and I mean All. There’s Intellivision, Commodore 64 (which is the best damned emulation you’ll ever find, period) etc. etc., it’s just insane. If it makes chiptune, it’s in here. Plus, for the chips it applies to, you have NTSC, PAL or (cough atari cough) an unlimited mode, which puts it in tune! It’s almost frightening hearing a 2600 play a western scale! Freaky, huh?


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