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Retuning an Underclocked Game Boy

Picture 4There is a modification to an original Game Boy that involves replacing the internal crystal oscillator with one of a different value, documented by the genius Gieskes. Often, a value of 2MHz is used to replace the default value of 4.194304 MHz because 2MHz crystals are easy to find in shops and on the internet, or at least thats what I do.However, this creates a problem, in the sense that the crystal oscillator is responsible for controlling all timing aspects of the Game Boy including the frequency pitches of the pulse oscillators.

via little-scale: Retuning an Underclocked Game Boy.

1 comment to Retuning an Underclocked Game Boy

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    Fabulous. I just got my 2nd DMG and was planning on doing such a mod to make it the “bass” gameboy. This information will come in handy – thanks!

    This is probably the wrong tree to bark up, but does anyone know how low the clock can go before it becomes impossible/unreasonable to sync to an unmodded DMG?