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AY8930 replacement?

Awol writes:

I read about this at

As I´ve got hold of some AY8930 PSG chips, I´ve resumed my old project to upgrade sound capability of the ST (while staying backwards compatible).

All info about the project can be found at YMROCKERZ´ site, have a look at the recent entries on the board there.

All chip musicians: To get the action started, I´m offering to modify your STs with the new chip for a small fee (the first samples of the chips cost EUR

28,- per part). The work will be done for free!

I hope to see feedback especially from programmers who adapt existing trackers/players to the new capabilities (and I think it will be worth the effort!).

Now it´s your turn – contact me…

And some more info from the YM Rockerz board:
You might wonder: “What´s this all about with the AY3-8930?” (See previous postings)

Here´s a short list of what the expanded mode has to offer (and it´s quite a bit, or two ;-)


* Independent envelope periods for all three channels (so you can set different envelope timers for each channel instead of one for all)

* 16bit frequency resolution for all channels (instead of 12bit)

* 8 bit divider for noise clock (instead of 5 bit). This gives much better drum sounds and deeper rumbling noise than the high pitched hisses we´ve been limited to

* AND + OR Masks for noise polybit output (this will give Pokey-like effects, kinda “distortion” in the range of pure sounds to complete noise)

* Duty cycle control for all channels independently (vs. fixed 50% previously). This makes flanger and filter effects possible

Can´t wait to hear some of the above extra-effects!

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