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gwEm / PHF releases booTribe

gwEm writes:

This is a different sort of production from me. You could call it a musical toy. I’ve been inspired by the drum machine of the Korg Monotribe, and have combined it with STj into an executable boot sector. Unlike my 128byte productions, which are more or less pure demos in that they are concept investigations, this one could actually be quite useful to musicians and live performers.

A list of the features may help to explain more:

* STj like tempo control for precise DJ beatmatching
* Three drum sounds
* 16 steps (use shift to access odd steps, alike to Korg Monotribe)
* MIDI clock output
* Very fast loading – due to boot sector implementation
* GEMDOS file system still supported (use it with STj in auto folder no problem)
* No screen required

via Dead Hackers Society : Atariscene News.

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New version of STJ appeared

v1.30 of STj has just been uploaded to the STj homepage at:

The new features are:

* Added support for NTSC TOS versions.
* Modified selection of Lazy/Loop/Cue mode
* Removed some graphics to reduce memory usage and disk space

Enjoy all!


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gwEm releases ‘impossible’ 128 byte music demo

and the demo itself (on Dead Hackers Society):

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Facteur – America (DATA016)

Facteur, – a Marseilles-based electronic music producer who has been with Data Airlines since almost the beginning, has been touring and collaborating with Dubmood a lot over the years and has recently been very active with rock group Nasser, dubbed a French Soulwax- is back with a new opus.

A calmer and more minimalistic approach to the facteur-music we are used to, he takes us on a voyage through hinterland America in an orgies in simple rhythms and analogue synth-porn and Dubmood joins in on the two last tracks with a fitting Commodore 64 on Jacksonville and a complete Atari ST remix of Palm Desert wich flirts with late 80s cracktro music. Cover-art by Erik Jonsson at

Get it where you usually get our releases!

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Hextracker Appeared

More info:

The program idea was to break some of limits existing at the time allowing:
– fast and quality replay routs;
– up to 16 voices mixing on STF with full volume control;
– sample size up to 24 bits;
– 255 samples;
– 256 patterns;
– variable sample base frequency to allow better quality samples;

via via Atari-Forum