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Odds and Ends from Twitter 2009-08-15

  • RT @4mat_scenemusic Ate Bit at Assembly party – "Transform" 64kb intro. Code by Evilpaul, Music by me. #
  • PsiloduimpLive, via nerd music #
  • Pandora = Portable opl3 Trackers on the go: #
  • M$ Goes Pixel Retro on their new logo. #
  • RT: @depreci8onguild: Red Rocks / Colorado / Sept 12 RT The Depreciation Guild just added to #Monolith Festival in reply to depreci8onguild #
  • In the great chiptune throwdown of 2009 are you a shark or a jet? #
  • Sunvox As a iPhone live insturment #
  • Ascher-Weiss Salutes Virt, Universes Explode: #
  • Glitter twins #
  • This needs algobeats #
  • RT: @minusbaby: is still giggling about a video for my tune, "FRIQUIDIQUI, N.1",called "Winnie Friqui Pooh Diqui". See?: #
  • RT @freemusicarchiv welcome @creativecommons to the Free Music Archive's ranks! Check out 8bitpeoples, other stuff #
  • NME jumps on the chiphate bandwagon with a dressing down of the cheesy frankmusik #
  • In the Onion, the Gooch spin a delicate web of irony and science #
  • keygen Music Updated #
  • Sorry about that faux post last night. It was the greatest hits. #
  • See the TCTD Social Link on our frontpage? Anyone want to make pixel art versions for each link @ 80px × 15px? #
  • GSW on interesting looking (and sounding) Game Boy-Like Tower of Heaven #
  • Happy Birthday Sega Genesis: #
  • TCTD Social Pixel Project done.. Thanks Keff! #
  • Saying I love you, in all the wrong ways #
  • RT: @chipsounds: Paul Slocum's ATARI synthcart beats remixed in chipsounds… #

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