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Drop | Psilodump

Psilodump is a well-known face in the chiptune and micromusic scene since the late 90s and has previously released several remixes here on Data Airlines but DROP is his first EP release with us. Containing four tracks composed between 2002 and 2012, Artwork by Julian van Aalderen / The C-Men. Mastered by Paul McCosh at VivaSound. Avalible on Itunes, Bandcamp and Spotify.”

via Drop | Psilodump.

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The X-Dump

released 04 September 2011
Written & Produced by The X-Dumpians.
Mastered by Bodhi Mastering.
Artwork by Junkboy.

The X-Dump.

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Washed | Psilodump

We at eclectro have been fans of Psilodumps music for a long time. We’ve watched as he created early 8 bit antifunk for the players over at micromusic and seen him grow to the micro-superstar he is. We made contact with Psilodump a few months back and asked him if he’d concider doing some work for us, and he was happy to. A few months later, “Washed” surfaced on our hard drives. We were overjoyed with what we were hearing. Now like a secret thats too good not to tell we’re sharing it with you.

Psilodump creates yet another stellar E.p. that defies categorization, giving the listener a full range of emotion that truely sets Psilodump apart from the pack. Each reinterpretation of the title track, Washed, gives accent to every nook of the recordings — it certainly feels handmade.

Washed | Psilodump.

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raquel meyers – useless yet crucial dvd

A surreal and amusing compilation of works developed by 8bit graphic artist and performer Raquel Meyers, where fighting washing machines and killer lego ducks battle it for a pixel perfect finish. useless yet crucial brings together some of raquels most precious works to date and throws down some great new tracks unseen, aswell as 11 remixes and collaborations with some of the top computer chiptune artists and a kool krew of pixel pushers.

Artists include: goto80, los punsetes, glomag, bubblyfish, tr1c3, sajama cut, psilodump, la belle indifférence, tubular balls, fredmoth, jellica