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August 7th I did a show with a local band by the name of Commodore84- it was their debut performance- and burned a couple (10) cdrs to sell to anyone interested, since last show I did before then, in Toronto, I was asked if I had anything to sell, but I didn’t.  So I tried to learn my lesson and have some hard copy material ready for some $$$.  In the end I only sold 3 copies.


I’m a stickler for a Devo Reference.

Ouch, Fire

Artists are now getting retrospectives before I’ve even heard of them. Sweet.


Casiocore, meaning its made on a casio, and you have to be into it hardcore.


the tree tunnel e.p.  is 13 minutes of pure melody that is  influenced by a variety of musical genres such as: chiptune, synth-pop, shoegaze, and anthemic progressive rock.

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