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August 7th I did a show with a local band by the name of Commodore84- it was their debut performance- and burned a couple (10) cdrs to sell to anyone interested, since last show I did before then, in Toronto, I was asked if I had anything to sell, but I didn’t.  So I tried to learn my lesson and have some hard copy material ready for some $$$.  In the end I only sold 3 copies.


I’m a stickler for a Devo Reference.

Ouch, Fire

Artists are now getting retrospectives before I’ve even heard of them. Sweet.


Casiocore, meaning its made on a casio, and you have to be into it hardcore.


the tree tunnel e.p.  is 13 minutes of pure melody that is  influenced by a variety of musical genres such as: chiptune, synth-pop, shoegaze, and anthemic progressive rock.

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Time to Get Obscure Comp

I was planning a similar cover for my Lydian Mode Only comp.

I was planning a similar cover for my Lydian Mode Only comp.

Another “high concept” comp from the gents at 8BC, this time focusing on non4/4 time signatures. More info:

Download Here (34.7 MB)

Took 2 days and 1.5 hours longer than I wanted, but it’s here!  A big thanks to everyone who participated!!

All of these tracks are either in time signatures that are not commonly used or use commonly used time signatures layered with others.  An interesting thing to do when most trackers try to force you into straight 4/4. ^_^

Lots of cool artists on this, so worth a checkout.