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DATASTORM 2010, a new and exciting demoparty


Demoparty for oldschool platforms. ONLY.

Hey guys, long time no see. Been hella busy.

Anyway, I bring good news for those people in Scandinavia and those who want to travel over there next February (me!). Those crazy swedes at Up Rough and a bunch of other C64 people have joined to make a new demoparty called DATASTORM, intended to fill the void that LCP leaves after it finishes, and also exclusively dedicated to “machines with SOUL”.

The plan looks awesome and I am already making preparations to try to make it over there. The organizing squad is of top quality and the location looks promising, and of course you will find there a lot of the key figures of th oldschool demoscene.

The plans, pics of the venue, compo rules and more can be found at the party’s official website.

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