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PetSynth appeared


Lest you think we’ve gotten soft with our chipsounds coverage, there is awesome news of a new peformance synth for Commodore Pet computers.

It’s author writes:

I’ve been sitting on this for a year, and I decided that it was finally time to unleash this puppy upon the world!

It features a two-octave keyboard layout, selectable note length, many selectable octaves, selectable pulse-width, vibrato, distortion, and noise or “drum mode” depending on how you use it.

All this without adding or hacking the Commodore PET in any way. Plus, it’s compiling from C, so it’s FAST – with very low latency.

This computer does not use a SID 6581 music chip at all! This program was designed, tested, and refined on a real life fully working stock Commodore PET 4032 computer, and the sound is heard coming out of the built-in piezoelectric on the PET 4032 . It does not involve hacking the computer in any way, or adding any extra sound cards. It does not involve taking sound from the tape port. It also does not implement a DAC to create sounds.


via PetSynth

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