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Pocket VBLANK appeared!


VBLANK writes:

Pocket VBLANK auto visualizer boards!
I just created a new set of 32 circuit-boards based off of the visualizer circuit I’ve been using in performances for the last year or so at Pulsewave, 8Static & 2008 Blip Festival.
The video produced has different output effects, based on the music plugged into it. Basically, I took all of the things I do manually as a visualist, and assigned them to different parts of a stereo input signal.

Here’s what the “Pocket VBLANK” is…

  • -prebuilt 2.5″ x 3″ circuit board (size of an altoid tin) ready to plug in and go. comes with a power supply.
  • -Plug in your live or pre-recorded music via an 1/8″ stereo mini from your sound board, mp3 player, Gameboy, or where-ever.
  • -Plug your NTSC TV or Projector in via the RCA jack.
  • -pixel images and colors modulate and change based on the audio as if I was standing next to you, drinking your beer  & jamming out on video to your tunes.

Here’s a test video of that e.s.c. posted of his custom version of the board:

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2 comments to Pocket VBLANK appeared!

  • KeFF

    Wow, looking really great

  • Just got my unit in the mail yesterday! This thing is actually built sturdy, if you weren’t able to figure that out from the pictures he posted..

    I could not be any happier with this! I had the same girl that did the artwork for my first 7″ (Katia Pouleva) make a set of 16×16 sprites for this and sent them over to Wil. Within I think it was 2 days (correct me if I’m wrong Wil) of me sending him the files, he was testing it and had it ready to ship!

    Things you get in the box – power adapter, pocket vblank unit, pretty funny instruction sheet, TONS of bubble wrap (perfect distraction to keep your cat from playing with the pocket vblank unit)

    The set-up is pretty obvious, but he made instructions just in case you still have trouble with it, which makes this even easier. I hooked up my game-boy to it, and the video was running straight to my projector. The outcome?


    This fucking thing rules! You can adjust the way the sprites appear by messing around with the setting and I just got a very helpful tip from him, which I was afraid to try out yesterday (putting it on max volume) but will try out the next time I have a bit of spare time to mess around with this again

    If you have the money, this is WELL worth it! I’ll be using this for shows every once in a while to switch things up during my sets

    Thanks “vuhblank” you’re my hero