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VidByter : New MIDIo firmware from VBLANK!

Prototype test video of my new MIDIo Visual board firmware: “VidByter”

This is a new swappable firmware for my DIY MIDIo kit that works with Mac/Win/Linux to capture live video and send it over a USB/Serial cable where it is pushed directly onto the video ram space of a circa 1977 Chip8 RCA “Pixie Video” emulator. The Pixie hardware was found on the COSMAC VIP and several RCA based video “PONG” consoles such as the RCA STUDIO II.

via YouTube – VidByter : New MIDIo firmware from VBLANK!.

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Pocket VBLANK version 2 : ANSI MIDIo

The requests: Cheaper, DIY Kit Version Available, Upgradable, User Programmable

ANSI MIDIo: yes, yes, yessss & yes!

Oh, and not just programmable as in load-your-own-pic, instead the MIDIo will have real-time control and programming  right from your midi software, controller, or (in my case) a Bliptronome!

What it is:

Kit or pre-built a bit smaller than a business card, and powered & controlled via USB, using the open-source KIT_MIDI driver already available here.

The input is midi from any midi software such as Renoise, Max-MSP or Abelton on OSX or Windows or an external controller patched through KIT_MIDI.

The Output will be NTSC or PAL (separate versions) and give a sweet 32×12 screen where the user can program one of 12 different ANSI Graphics characters in one of 16 different color combination. Yes, 16-color  ANSI:  as in that BBS you wasted time on in 1992.

Stand-by for more information.

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