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Natty Adams - Emesis

A valentine from the first gentleman of Chip music.

Emesis is Natty’s Valentine’s Day present for 2010.

It is a compilation of tracks composed between 2006 and 2010, arranged in chronological order. Some of the tracks have been released in the past on various websites. Some of the tracks have never been released at all.

This compilation should be viewed as a document of Natty’s musical development, warts and all. There are some hits, some near-misses, and quite a few happy accidents. Like a maternity ward bombarded by heavy enemy shelling.

The first six tracks were composed and recorded using the Little Sound DJ music tracker running on an original 1989 Nintendo Game Boy, modified for sound, ease of use, and aesthetic edification. Tracks 7-12 and 14-17 were composed and recorded using the sample-based Little Piggy Tracker running on a hacked PlayStation Portable. Track 13 was composed and recorded using Little Piggy Tracker on the PSP beat-matched by ear to a Nintendo DS running the DS-10 cartridge.

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