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Hizimi Live on 2 x X68000

Friend of TCTD and unsung hero of the Japanese FM synthesis X68000 wizard scene Hizimi recently played a set on 2 Sharp X68000 a modern DJ mixer. The audio is available below here


01 – Cauldron
02 – No Title
03 – No Title
04 – Pendulum I
05 – Pendulum II
06 – No Title
07 – Drum’n’Hip’n’Bass
08 – UNF
09 – You Goddamned Bathead !!! [ 90’s Rave Mix ]
10 – Kawasakitech (?)
11 – Mechbass

The site has a selection of videos for your viewing pleasure.

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The Nobuooo Kickstarter Project.

Friend of TCTD, chip and game music documentarian and news blogger extraordinaire Jeriaska is running a Kickstarter. He has a vast amount of footage reading like a who’s who of game music composers, a similar trove of footage covering indie game luminaries and most interesting for the chip community a slew of videos from Nullsleep’s Collapsed Desires Tour and he plans to hone it all down to 3 DVDs. You can check out a trailer for the Videogame Music in Context in Japan DVD or the Independent Videogame Music in Context DVD but click on this little video and watch a few worlds get destroyed.

Some words on the tour DVD from Jeriaska

Nullsleep Collapsed Desires Tour DVD: live performances (not interviews) from the 2010 Collapsed Desires Tour, featuring chip music artists Nullsleep, Trash80, Starpause, Crashfaster, Mr. Spastic, and omake bonus material from the 2010 Tokyo Blip Festival. This one contains some swear words, so be prepared for it.

The Kickstarter is mere inches away from its goal, feel free to help out.

I hear rumors there are more great things to come….


Kashimoto – FM Netlabel Archive from Groundzero

Friend of TCTD and FM Grandmaster Hizimi of Groundzero Organization has just uploaded a massive archive of all Kamishimo Records releases.

Kamishimo Records is a Japanese net label, founded in 1995, which practiced the art of pushing Yamaha’s FM chips as far as they could go without melting. The Sharp X68000 was a huge favorite with these guys. Contributors include Hally, Utabi and others. The archive is available in a various flavors:

MP3 part 1 610mb and part 2 630mb
FLAC part 1 1.8gb and part 2 1.8gb

And for the truly hardcore MDX 2.6mb.

Basically, If you liked FM Ongen Super Maniacs you will LOVE this. Post any favorites and hidden gems in the comments section!

Edit: Hizimi just sent us the direct link to Utabi’s tunes!

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TCTD interview with M4G developer Smiker

In the very near future Smiker, mitikoro and ILKke will release their long awaited GBA tracker “M4G”. Smiker was good enough to answer a few questions about the projects development, the motivation behind it and a hint or two about the future.

Continue reading TCTD interview with M4G developer Smiker


FM Guru Hizimi on Bandcamp

At the Blip Tokyo pre party Hizimi tore up 4th Floor with two X68000s and a DJ mixer and started possibly the worlds hottest, stickiest, most claustrophobic mosh. A couple of days ago he opened a Bandcamp page to share some of his tunes.