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Legowelt - The Amiga 500 Tapes

Mysterious release by electro/disco nouveau clique LEGOWELT, containing a bunch of music which leads us to think it was made with the Amiga (was it? I find no excuse for the line level noise unless these really come from cassette tapes :P). Not much info on the download page but you can get the tunes which are pretty damn cool. Has been around for a while but if it wasn’ t because of Matt Nida I would have never found it. Thanks man!

If you are a “chip purist” GTFO this post and download.  Otherwise Get them here while you can.

3 comments to Legowelt – The Amiga 500 Tapes

  • My pleasure, Akira! Only stumbled on this myself last night. I love Legowelt, really looking forward to his London show tomorrow.

    I find the tape hiss and the line noise really add to the charm and atmosphere of his work, I find myself trying to add the same scuzziness artificially to my own tunes all the time… I reckon a lot of his stuff was actually recorded to cassette, I’m pretty sure both his Dark Days albums were collections of old tapes he had lying around, and they sound wonderful :)

  • CMDR

    The hiss is the best thing about amigas!
    Digitized samples are awesome, I can’t get enough of them.