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A Blast of Fake Believe

Ever wonder why Alex Mauer’s trilogy of NES chiptunes is called “Eat People”? Check out this interview over at Igloo Magazine.

Alex Mauer

Excerpt: ” I’m not really interested in chiptunes crossing into the mainstream, but it wouldn’t bother me if they did as long as it didn’t misrepresent what is going on in the chip scene. I think Anamanaguchi is good… but I’d rather see them put their guitars down and just hit play on the NES controller and stand there. (Laughs.) Not that they aren’t good or anything, it’s just that I’d rather be able to hear the NES by itself. Personally, if I was really good at playing, I’d rather make some nerd in the back of the room happy than get the whole room jumping up and down.”

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2 comments to A Blast of Fake Believe

  • XyNo

    Eat Bit People !!! hahaha This is Original !!! :P
    …and the GB cart album is a good idea !!! :D

  • alex mauer

    misquote… i said i’d rather a nerd in the back of the room CRY… not be happy… but i meant cry because of missing the old days