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esc – the future is a cold place

The future sure is a cold place in esc’s mind. Industrial clonks, apocalyptic thuds and claustrophobic feelings make up this SID release. Or maybe the weather is just going to be cold rather than the future being an emotionally cold place.


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MR. JuiCY – Media Naranaja

Mr. JuiCY – Media Naranja

1.- Dr. Flamenco (2:09)
2.- cielo borroso (4:19)
3.- fantasma espectral (2:43)
4.- (o) (1:06)
5.- la rompe (1:27)
6.- amanecer (4:12)
7.- final (4:15)


Chipmusic • Releases

Zef Releases Blackout

Zef’s new album Blackout is out! Pay what you think it’s worth; All donations from the first two days are going straight to Johan Kotlinski for his work in developing LSDJ. All funds following that will go on perpetual lend to to help people in third world countries get on their feet.
Join the Kiva Chipmusic Fan Team and lets see just how generous the chipscene is! Join up and tell your friends too!

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Jophish – Distance

This album consists of tracks that span over two years of module writing, documenting the entirety of Jophish’s experience writing .xms. A long time in the making, Distance is influenced heavily by the demoscene and its musicians.


Chipmusic • Labels • Releases

Secret Lab – Dark Deep Desires EP

Secret Lab is one of those wonderful chip musicians with no internet presence who just suddenly appears out of nowhere and drops a demo of several beautiful tracks in your inbox. He has been secretly synchronising underclocked Game Boys in Rome for several years now, creating a mass of swirling arps in a retro-futuristique synth disco kind of way.