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retro fitted super gameboy CPU demo

the two gameboys on the left have been retro fitted with super gameboy CPUs. i took the original CPUs out and soldered in the new ones. the original idea was so that the gameboy can boot the snes, which is does but the bonus feature is a quick and silent boot.notice how the two gameboys on the left have booted the cart before the gameboys on the right have finished scrolling the nintendo logo.this gives an advantage when using the gameboys to play music live as you can switch carts without having to turn down the sound to hide the boot noise, and the cartridge is almost instantly loaded in the case of LSDJ it is loaded instantly

via YouTube

You still have to probably turn the mixer pot down to avoid the power PUMP when you power cycle the Game Boy. DMG line conditioner mod? Soft reset switch?

2 comments to retro fitted super gameboy CPU demo

  • Sean


    do you make a tutorial for this? I want to mod my gameboy 2 coz this “diding” sound is a pain in the ass for live performance…

    Thanks in advance m8

  • Mav

    that guy’s an asshole, he won’t share shit, all you have to do is drop the cpu in, if that isn’t going to work then you have to follow the gbp’s cpu layout and rout away from the video ram on the main board.