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TCTD Links for 2010-05-19

  • Ok we are back.. but lost a few days news.. If your item is missing kindly resubmit! #
  • RT: @gamesetwatch: SK8-bit #
  • RT @chip_music: has a NSF player! Go upload or listen to a NSF! #
  • RT: @firebrandboy: Uploaded my new track to #8bc #
  • RT: @bleepstreet: \\\ La Belle Indifference – Dr. Ziltch ( Dr. Von Pnok ChipHall-Mix)… #
  • Interview with Dr. Octoroc. #
  • The Depreciation Guild Spirit Youth Reviewed: #
  • #whyilovethetank Hanging with dragons, eagle eyeing minors, power cycling blown tweeters, blipping to packed houses and empty rooms TCTD<3 #
  • Boston Chip acts profiled: #
  • TCTD Frontpage logo has a nice update for summer fun. Thanks Keff! #
  • SP Prosound is not so much about the sound, but obviating an adapter: #
  • RT @speccynews Ziggy, new emulator for Windows featuring accurate multicolour and ULAplus support: #

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