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raquel meyers – useless yet crucial dvd

A surreal and amusing compilation of works developed by 8bit graphic artist and performer Raquel Meyers, where fighting washing machines and killer lego ducks battle it for a pixel perfect finish. useless yet crucial brings together some of raquels most precious works to date and throws down some great new tracks unseen, aswell as 11 remixes and collaborations with some of the top computer chiptune artists and a kool krew of pixel pushers.

Artists include: goto80, los punsetes, glomag, bubblyfish, tr1c3, sajama cut, psilodump, la belle indifférence, tubular balls, fredmoth, jellica


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Blip Europe 2009 vids online

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PINK SNOW — La Belle Indifference video by Raquel Meyers

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La Belle Indifference – Get Ur Bleep On

La Belle Indifference are a duo from Copenhagen with two gameboys and one drum-machine. BLEEPSTREET Records presents their first digital EP release in true chip-stereo. Feel the new sound of lo-fi bitpop. Among their influences they list artists such as Lionel Richie, Kevin Blechdom, Steely Dan, ZZ Top, Dizzee Rascal, Barry Manilow, Tupac, Kraftwerk, David Hasselhoff & Rod Stewart.