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Da Jormas – Hätä (2002/2003)

Here’s a peculiar demo by Finn demogroup Da Jormas (funnily represented by their penis logotype :P) which was made for various platforms. The original 2002 demo ran happily in Windows and Linux. It is one of the, then few, “multiplatform demos”, something very weird knowing that the demoscene usually took one particular platform and squeezed the most out of it, a task that usually required assembly programming language an therefore would turn demos not easily (or impossibly) portable.

The demo has a nice design and concept, but otherwise is pretty simple and standard. What makes it stand out? One year later, Da Jormas “ported” (rather, re-built from scratch) this demo to the Amiga 500, no less. Graphics properly color-reduced, music aptly converted, effects transcribed, and you have the demo with its essence almost intact in a low-spec computer.

I already talked too long so let’s see Hätä in both its original and Amiga 500 incarnations:

Windows version:

Amiga 500 version:

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