New 7in of LSDJ music by Mr. Eggz

About a year ago, I first heard about Mr. Eggz from a press release for a chiptune show at Casperland. Not recognizing the name, but seeing he was from Boston, I asked a few people if they knew him and none of them did. Fast forward to yesterday, and Starpause tells me Eggz is hosted on his server and has a 7″ out. Does anyone know about this guy? More than one person has told me they think it’s Timeheater, but when I asked him he denied writing the music. I can confirm though that Timeheater is at least one of three people who have been representing Mr Eggz at various shows. Aside from the mystique surrounding Mr Eggz, the mp3s are interesting and I’ll be keeping an eye out on his work.

MR EGGZ, b. 1981, Boston, Massachusetts, United States
In 1997 Mr Eggz began DJing and performing in the Boston area. By 2000, he had began performing at live events in New England. Since early 2004 he has dabbled in producing using Little Sound DJ on Nintendo Gameboy. Although prolific in his work and extended live sets, he is known for the rarity of his physical releases. The Mr Eggz name has only been used for his post 2005 Gameboy work, the majority of which has not been released.

Out January 2010:
Mr Eggz – Histoire d’Ouefz 7″ [edition of 100]
Recorded Live to stereo 1/2″ Ampex 456
May 2006, Cambridge, Ma


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