Jay Tholen – Fruiht Tageur

Father Gabriel’s contemplative gaze at the twilight sky was violently interrupted by a legion of alien flying machines. Rhythmic chants of “Dauda Fruiht Tageur-De” filled the air as the ships descended further. Gabriel blacked out. He later awoke with implanted memories depicting a species of intelligent fruit-like beings and their beautiful dying planet. These are the folk songs of a lost world.

1. Papaya Tageur
2. Poison Berries; Long Live King Kiwi!
3. The Royal Tangerine and His Faithful Orange
4. Ancient Pomegranate Prophecy I
5. Ancient Pomegranate Prophecy II
6. Plantainia
7. Mangosteen Tageur

John Crayon – Synthesizers, Guitar, Percussion (4, 5)
Van Hunsberger – Drums (4, 5, 7)
Travis Woodson – Voice (4, 5)
Moses Talbot – Bass Guitar (4, 5)
Christine Tholen – Vocals
Jay Tholen – Vocals, Ukulele, Everything Else


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