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RGBva released (multicolor backlight)

the kitsch-bent DMG backlight kit is finally wrapped up and available for pre-order. they ship next week when the last part arrives.

you can see the product page here

this backlight uses red, green, and blue LEDs so that the user can set their backlight to any color made up of these three colors (meaning, theoretically infinite colors). this is the beta release of this backlight, and your suggestions and comments are more than welcome! and, if you make a really great suggestion or compelling argument for a change, we will certainly implement it in the design… in short, the backlight is finally finished, and you can set it to whatever color you desire made up of red, blue, and/or green.

the kit comes with: the RGB backlight, custom PCB for color control, hookup wire, hardware for installation, polarization film (LCD quality), and a custom diffusion film (contains a one-way reflective material so with the backlight turned off, you can still use the LCD screen fine with an external light source (like normal)).

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