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temp sound solutions – nut up or shut up

a temp sound solutions that is a landmark in hybrid original 8bit/guitar mentality, driven by a sense of machismo and mistakes. originally slated for release on megatwerp and wiped out by dual meltdowns, death of a loved one, and other accidents, this album finally sees the light of day at its rightful home. samples via rantradio, the wwe, and many other sources, this album is sure to confuse and delight you with a little something for everybody. the titletrack is a final fantasy drum and bass mess of a banger, and how can you go wrong with that? other source material sampled and heavily changed from the commodore 64, highly artifacted scat porn, gummo, and hacker tips by ramzi. this record is assuredly the bomb, a true gem of the tss discography.

cover image by paintron.


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