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Modizer 1.0 appeared

Multi format module player for iOS released in iTunes Store.

Main features

  • Large compatibility (more than 400 formats) thanks to multiple playback engines : Amiga and PC modules (UADE & libmodplug), Atari ST/Amstrad CPC (ST-Sound & SC68), C64 (sidplay2/resid), Nintendo/Sega/Nec/Sony (Game Music Emulator, sexypsf, aosdk)
  • Direct internet access to Modland & HVSC collections.
  • Built-in Web browser allowing FTP/HTTP downloads, bookmarks and support of ZIP,GZ,LZH & RAR archives.
  • Built-in FTP server over WIFI connection : upload your music files with a simple FTP client.
  • Playlists support.
  • Search function (in local files/playlists/Modland/HVSC).
  • Rating & play counter of files.
  • Multiple visualisations : patterns, 2D&3D spectrums, oscilloscopes, …
  • Background playback & remote controller on iOS >=4.0.
  • Highly configurable behaviour.



1 comment to Modizer 1.0 appeared

  • Modizer is a great new app. I’ve been tinkering with it for the past few days and the emulation is pretty flawless on the chips I have listened to. The only downfall I found is that NSF and SAP song lenghts are capped at 2:30. I forwarded this problem to the developer and he assured me that this will be fixed in future updates. If you have an iPhone or iPod touch, this is a MUST have.