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Kashimoto – FM Netlabel Archive from Groundzero

Friend of TCTD and FM Grandmaster Hizimi of Groundzero Organization has just uploaded a massive archive of all Kamishimo Records releases.

Kamishimo Records is a Japanese net label, founded in 1995, which practiced the art of pushing Yamaha’s FM chips as far as they could go without melting. The Sharp X68000 was a huge favorite with these guys. Contributors include Hally, Utabi and others. The archive is available in a various flavors:

MP3 part 1 610mb and part 2 630mb
FLAC part 1 1.8gb and part 2 1.8gb

And for the truly hardcore MDX 2.6mb.

Basically, If you liked FM Ongen Super Maniacs you will LOVE this. Post any favorites and hidden gems in the comments section!

Edit: Hizimi just sent us the direct link to Utabi’s tunes!

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