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Jay Tholen – Blood Fete

Blood Fete is a celebration of surrender by way of self-denial and self-sacrifice. “It’s the Bloodiest party!”

Those who enjoy chip music, avant-pop, or early progressive rock should find something to enjoy here. There’s a little dubby section somewhere too!

Note: This summer our youth group is heading up to New Orleans for an annual event called ‘Feed the Multitudes’ where thousands of groceries and shoes are handed out to those in need. It’s a little more expensive than usual this year due to a few changes.

All profit made on this record will be used for transportation, food, and shelter on the trip. It will also make up the difference for the kids who can’t afford to come.

(If there’s anything left over I’m using it to fix this huge crack in my windshield. Surprised I haven’t been pulled over yet…)

1. Party Invitation (02:11)
2. Seaport Crow Station (04:43)
3. All of All Our Fountains (04:01)
4. In Pursuit (01:21)
5. Blood Fete (05:21)
6. Here Am I (01:51)

Jay Tholen – Tracking and Sequencing, Voice, Synthesis, Samples, Acoustic and Electric Ukulele, Transistor Organ, Bass, Percussion

Matt Mears – Guitar, Bass, Percussion

Jay Tholen Sr. – Bass

Christine Tholen – Voice


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