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TinySID on a 16 bit PIC

Ater successfully getting the TinySID library running on a PIC32 [1] some time ago, I recently wondered, if the 16 bit MCUs from Microchip would also be fast enough to run the code. It turned out, that they are, at least the 40 MIPS models (PIC24H and dsPIC33F).

A big hurdle is the (compared to the PIC32MX) small RAM on these chips. Since the SID tune must be loaded into RAM, only some small tunes will fit into the 8 kB of the MCU used on the Web Platform [2] I had at hand.

However, the source code [3] and binary [4] are available from Google Code. The PWM output is on IO7, and IO8 is used to switch the tune when pulled to GND.

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Via: MATRIXSYNTH: TinySID on a 16 bit PIC.

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