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SID Bass: Jeri Ellsworth’s FPGA-based SID keytar

I haven’t heard of Jeri Ellsworth in a while but every time her name pops up around my news feed is because she’s done something awesome.

This time she has made an hybrid bass guitar-SID chip thing, controlled by an FPGA and using a real SID chip to play the sounds (from both the strings and the Commodore keyboard).

Enough blabber, check out an interview and demo on the first part of this video:

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AY38910 synth appeared

The whoe idea of this project, is to make a mini sythn based on this chip, the following is the schematics of all the connections. I used a TTL Crystal Oscillator of 2Mhz to provide the needed clock of the chip, and a 595 to reduce the number of the DATA pins needed for the registry address and data input to generate sounds/envelopes/noise etc.

via Arduino playground – AY38910.