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MisfitChris – Famicom Sessions


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The origin of Famicom Sessions dates back to September 2009. On a chilly autumn evening, MisfitChris was introduced to Famitracker by fellow musician Tristendo Corrales. It was on this evening that Chris began writing what is now known as Famicom Sessions. A collection of experimental NES jams that document Chris’s first year of composing Chipmusic.

01 Welcome to Famicom Sessions (2A03, added Text To Speech)
02 Basement Dweller (2A03)
03 Legend of Tristendo (VRC6)
04 Saving the Shy Librarian (MMC5)
05 Med Pack (MMC5)
06 Rainy Day Recess (MMC5)
07 French Whores (MMC5)
08 Sleep Vacation 7 (MMC5)
09 Tokyo Midnight (VRC6)
10 Asteroid Night (VRC6)
11 Love is a Sickness (2A03)
12 Leaving Home (2A03)
13 The Graveyard Club (2A03)
14 Goodbye from Famicom Sessions (2A03 for intro, added Text To Speech; MMC5 for outro)

Artwork by Gabrielle Shea and Tristan Corrales.

Creative Commons License

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