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His Warstness proudly announces the awesomeness that will be his ÜBEROSTERTOUR! Coming to a few of this world’s places in the latter half of April to make your ears and eyes bleed joy and happiness!

Ah, the excitement!

Here’s the confirmed dates so far: (others might be added as I go)

14.4. Maastricht, Landbouwbelang

16.4. Nijmegen, Extrapool with EINDBAAS on TOUR

18.4. Amsterdam, Live broadcast Radioshow with DIY-church! Somewhere… + DJ Shlucht

19.4. Münster, SpecOps + DJ Shlucht

21.4. Hamburg, Rodiyssee 64 + DJ Shlucht

22.4. Wiesbaden, Cloeb frisch + Inox Kapell!

23.4. Mainz, Haus Mainusch + Ordnungsamt + Bormuth

26.4. Offenbach, Waggon

29.4. Berlin, o’tannenbaum

If you’re around, make sure you pop by! And buy a T-shirt or a MP3 player or a tape or tape or a badge or a beer or what.

Zölchen Wrozemble!!!

uberostern.gif (252 KB)

uberostern.gif (252 KB)

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