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Washed | Psilodump

We at eclectro have been fans of Psilodumps music for a long time. We’ve watched as he created early 8 bit antifunk for the players over at micromusic and seen him grow to the micro-superstar he is. We made contact with Psilodump a few months back and asked him if he’d concider doing some work for us, and he was happy to. A few months later, “Washed” surfaced on our hard drives. We were overjoyed with what we were hearing. Now like a secret thats too good not to tell we’re sharing it with you.

Psilodump creates yet another stellar E.p. that defies categorization, giving the listener a full range of emotion that truely sets Psilodump apart from the pack. Each reinterpretation of the title track, Washed, gives accent to every nook of the recordings — it certainly feels handmade.

Washed | Psilodump.

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