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SWEletronica 2011 feat.Goto80, Random & Raquel Meyers

Everybody being in Russia this and next week are welcome to visit SWElectronica 2011 gigs! Second edition of annual festival of swedish electronic music is dedicated to chip culture, guest artists are Goto80, Random and Raquel Meyers. Local support will be provided by finest russian chiptune musicians and vjs which are Uoki-Toki, 777minus111, Kola Kid, Kosmopop2, Snork25, Preston to name a few.

Festival tour schedule:
30 april – Squat Cafe (Moscow)
1 may – Zoccolo Club (St.Petersburg)
2 may – Porshen Club (Petrozavodsk)
3 may – lecture by Goto80 & Raquel Meyers (Petrozavodsk)
4 may – lecture by Goto80 & Raquel Meyers (St.Petersburg)


SWElectronica_flyer_MSCW.jpg (666 KB)

SWElectronica_flyer_MSCW.jpg (666 KB)

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