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Internal Stereo SID board appeared

This is a compact, feature-filled dual-SID board, designed to provide a proper way to mount a second SID inside your C64 or C128 without resorting to the old piggyback hack. Variations available to fit most C64 and C128 computers. Second SID can be placed at any 32-byte boundary from $DE00 to $DFE0, and it works in the $D420-$D4E0 range also. C128/C128-D users can also use $D700-$D7E0. Easy no-solder installation – just move your computer’s SID chip onto the Stereo SID board, plug it into the motherboard SID socket, and connect a few micro-hook clips. Get yours today!

There are also some interesting pre-orders, including a external cartridge sid add-on, a sampler module, and a four channel audio player dealie.

via Digital Audio Concepts – Products.

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